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The perfect way to deepen connections & friendships

Lucia hosted her first ever Cacao Ceremony on 20 May 2017 - as a newly trained Sacred Cacaoista, she decided to test her new skills/knowledge on 5 of her closest friends .... 5 totally different personalities, 5 different mindsets, 5 different expectations .... she picked us not only to challenge herself, but also to bring us closer together!! ... and she definitely achieved this!! Admittedly I was close to cancelling my place as I had only given birth 10 days earlier - I was anxious about being away from my baby for the first time and was worried that I wouldn't be in the right "mindset" for the ceremony. I am so glad I didn't cancel, as I have felt so much more positive and centred since! I now realise just how important it is to "invest in yourself" in order to be the best version of you! 😊We began the ceremony by sharing our ‘stories’ and I loved that all of us were so open and accepting - right from the start, we all just connected and became in tune with one another. Lucia then used guided meditation to help us journey deep within and discover more about ourselves. The meditation aimed to release negative blockages in order to find peace and clarity. We were given lots of opportunities to share throughout the ceremony which I found so powerful and empowering in a group of amazing friends! So I want to say thank you Lucia for sharing your new gift with us!! Because of you, we have all reconnected to a deeper level not only as a group of friends, but also with ourselves! We live in such a hectic and stressful world and this ceremony is the perfect opportunity to switch off the outside chaos and find that calm and peace within you! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for clarity on who they are/where they are going .... Its also a great way of bringing a group of friends together as it's the perfect way to deepen connections and friendships!!

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