Journey With Me...


Online Cacao Club


Online Cacao Club every Weds from

10.30am - 11.30am via Zoom!​

A check in for those who are feeling the waves of this turbulent time.


This will be the last Cacao Club until I launch the 30 Day Cacao Challenge, so watch this space!  Join me this coming Weds morning to do a full card reading for the group and a journey on courage.


Please email for the Zoom details to enter the Zoom room.


Please drop in, share and connect with us!

Friday 26 June 8pm - 10pm


On this Cacao Ceremony I will take you on an inner journey into healing the heart, 

I will connect you to the cacao spirit to hear her messages and guidance of wisdom and then onto calling in our future self, envisioning the next quantum leap in our evolution.

This journey is extremely powerful for those who are feeling stuck and are unable to see where they should be heading or who they truly are. Also for those who are holding onto alot of hurt, pain and anxiety in and around the heart.

The healing power of the cacao spirit, is a strong partner on our road to wholeness. We take a break from our daily commitments, and take the time to go inside. Where we attentively meet the wisdom that lies in our sacred hearts.

What do I need to do?✨
Email me at to sign up and I will send you a link to join us via Zoom.

Please be mindful that arriving late or leaving early can disrupt the opening and closing of sacred space.

How much is it?
Donation Only 

£10-30 recommended depending on ones personal circumstances. If this is something you truly cannot afford right now then please communicate with an open heart.

Payment is not essential!

What do I need to have ready?
A cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, either Shamanic dose or dose of your choice. Please contact me directly to purchase cacao.  This is not compulsory, you are more than welcome to join us Cacao free!

Please have a comfortable space if possible, water, journal and pen.

How do I brew up the Cacao?
250-300ml Water brought to boil on hob
Add 42g of Cacao once boiling and then lower and stir mindfully 

(more if you have a high tolerance, less if you do not or are pregnant or on SSRI's)
Optional 1 drop of Rose Essential Oil
Stir well with good intentions & love until smooth
Add to special mug/cup & optional dash of maple syrup, brown sugar, honey, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg etc (no toxic ingredients ie white sugars etc)

I look forward to sharing this space with each of you!
In love always,
L 💚


+447781 155 898

La Maison Clemente St Jacques Guernsey Guernsey GY11SP