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I left this beautiful experience full of recharged energy...

I've got into cacao ceremony by very lucky coincidence. I think, my strong will and quick Lucia's communication worked together beautifully. It can be a destiny too 🙂. Apart from the magical Guernsey nature, here is one more magical place - pure cacao and cannabis ceremonies. It is amazing mother nature gift, which is available in Guernsey. True, pure gift for islanders. I would like to mention intense cacao smell and beautiful texture. The taste is very different from casual chocolate, but more touching. If you miss a group of people with whom you can talk about deep feelings and experiences, traumas, pain and other similar topics, the ceremony is a place you have to come. You will be meet in a very gently way. You will feel like you are not alone. We are all one. All in all, I left this beautiful experience full of recharged energy, like restart or refilled with better one, different quality energy. Thanks, Lucia, for doing this. You do a very beautiful job: you heal, you inspire.

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