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My Journey to Shamanic Reiki Practitioner...

I have lead a life of service for close to 30 years, and seeing that service crumble as I worked harder and harder to keep it together was soul destroying.

I reached out to Healing Hands, initially with a view to learning about cacao as a natural plant medicine to assist me in steadying myself in increasingly unsteady surroundings.

This initial revelation lead to engagement in a transformational apprenticeship.

Needless to say the transformation I needed to make followed, with focus, letting go of what no longer served me or my community, and embracing my belief in myself I moved to learn more about Energy Healing, Crystal Healing and Service Leadership.

I considered signing up online along with other online teachings to learn Reiki, but Healing Hands offer of Shamanic Reiki embraced the wholeness of old wisdom, old medicine and practices that I believed we had forgotten.

The course was given at a gentle pace, informative and assistive, from the classroom to the personal development that followed.

I throughly enjoyed the learning and brought the practice into my day to day life, which assisted greatly in easing the transformational changes being thrust upon us.

I signed up for Reiki 2 as soon as I was able and the lessons held on-line were as powerful and informative as those given in person.

The work that followed the initial instruction was equally informative, supportive from Lucia, and engaged a higher level of self belief, intuition and energy work, that transformed us further.

I have moved from serving my community in a broken structure, to creating my own structure and still serving my calling to support others.

I am grateful for my instincts guiding me to Healing Hands and if you feel the same calling and can commit to supported study as you transform into a space you are here to occupy, I would thoroughly recommend Healing Hands as a guide, advocate for authentic living, and supportive learning environment to shift in.

Much love and gratitude Lucia



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