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I’ve begun to feel more open, content and present with my own well-being...

Thank you I am really enjoying the new experiences I’m gaining from using Cacao; plant medicine and natural healing fascinates me as I endeavour to practice approaches to health in ways that facilitate embodiment of healing. This lockdown has been difficult as sleep and anxiety alongside chronic pain has been heightened - for me personally. In using ceremonial grade Cacao I’ve begun to feel more open, content and present with my own well-being. I Prefer to use this unsweetened and with water only, however many like to use natural sweeteners and I’m sure that would work just as well. The entire process of using a cacao has been enjoyable and nurturing to my feelings and overall well being; I not only enjoy the taste but have also cut down on my caffeine intake and begun to sleep much more soundly whilst feeling open to accept each day as a new one. Can’t recommend this enough. Totally different from any other chocolate as it is in its pure state as nature intended- as it helps to show you your own pure state too. Connect with yourself and get brewing. Thank you so much Lucia x


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