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I relaxed in her presence; feeling held as I freely let go of pain that had gathered...

I’m still processing. It’s been a traumatic year. I’ve found my world closing in and with it; I buried myself for a long while. I’ve been seeking support from all directions. Naturally; and most importantly today, gravitated back to her. Plant medicine; and the space that Lucia provides. I walked up a beautiful; tranquil pathway; whereby I was treated by a smile and a warm hug before being welcomed to a calm, open room. The space was soft; safe and warm. I discussed my own experiences with ease; Lucia shared her own insights with me as we connected through the shared space; obviously whilst sipping warm cacao. I relaxed in her presence; feeling held as I freely let go of pain that had gathered over the last 12 months. I was then led through deep relaxation and breath work with shamanic techniques that I’ve previously practiced before. Lucia provides a space in which I feel free to be held; the experience being a safe environment in which trauma can become a free topic; my anxiety removed from the pit in my chest and let out to a room in which its validated, protected then removed. I left feeling blissful; aware of my strengths and feeling safe to move forward in my healing journey. I’m so thankful; i struggle to open up and to talk about my feelings, often leading me to cause harm to my own self worth. The environment created is warm, safe and grounding - unlike other settings whereby I often find myself clawing as I’m overwhelmed. Lucia’s space is peaceful; and offers such warm light.

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