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I now don't feel over whelmed, I face each challenge and bump in the road with a smile...

I have been using cacao for some time and every time a 30 day challenge comes up I'm chomping at the bit to get started, each time I get more and more from this beautiful plant medicine, this time around it has helped me even more, staying grounded, feeling more alive and calm, dealing with every day challenges and stresses, I've been able to totally come away from my anxiety medication, i get some mornings where I feel out of place but each morning my hug in a mug brings me straight back to serenity and calm and I can face my day so much better,

, but I also know with this plant medicine that lots of water and a day without her is called for too, I love the smell of coffee but dont feel I need coffee anymore and haven't for some time and the odd occasion when I've had one I immediately wish I hadn't, cacao is an amazing addition to my life and this will continue with me and keep me on this beautiful journey. The birds are singing and I'm alive and feel blissed from the inside, thank you cacao for your blessings and guidance, thank you lucia you beautiful soul for helping me so much and introducing me to this.


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