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Cacao & Despacho Ceremony

Wow wow wow! What an afternoon, what an experience. The magic of the cacao combined with the power of the despacho was truly awe inspiring. I was so grateful to share the space with every incredible and brave soul that took part in the ceremony. 

It really struck me at the end how equally precious and powerful the despacho parcel was (sorry if it’s not called that ). Full of everyone’s deepest fears and insecurities but also all their precious dreams and manifestations, held together securely with the earth energies. It was just such an honour to create that beautiful offering with everyone.

I am SO excited to see what the future brings for each and everyone one of us.

Ben and Lucia, you compliment each other so beautifully and share so much of yourselves. You are both incredibly strong and knowledgeable but somehow manage to remain authentic and humble too which is no mean feat in this world, and is one of the many reasons working with you is such a pleasure.

Gratitude for the past, excitement for the future is my mantra for 2024. Let’s smash it!

Lots of love xx


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