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The Magic of Cacao #30daycacaochallenge

How hasn’t cacao helped! She’s gently nudged me into so many directions.

She’s taken me into my heart and shown me how to live from there, she’s dissolved barriers in my throat and given me more of a voice, more of MY voice... She’s nourished my root and made me feel at home, grounded and safe and the best part is she stays and I am always aware that the plant medicine is with me. It’s become the very first part of my day and I honestly don’t think there’ll be a day that I don’t consume it.

I’ve noticed more change and more shifts in the past month (well since the solstice really) than I have with any amount of talking therapy and/or medication.

From the first time I drank cacao I knew this was what I’d needed for years. So ancient and wise and I am so grateful that it found me. Not to mention she has given me a tribe among you gorgeous souls and that’s just the best feeling of all.

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