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I have felt such a huge shift it’s honestly blown my mind...Cacao for me is the ultimate loving, nur

Where do I start with cacao?!

Well first of all, thank goodness I got out of my own way and went. I never knew how much I needed what I was missing all this time.

It’s taken a few days for my body to fully process the magic of the gentle nature of cacao along side the recalibration the gongs have bought to my nervous system but I have felt such a huge shift it’s honestly blown my mind.

I must have had so many energetic blockages and walls built up around me because since allowing the medicine (and it really is medicine) to do it’s work, I have felt an openness and connectedness to my surroundings that I simply didn’t have before.

I have more heart space, I feel more grounded and like I am actually ‘here’. I have so much more awareness of my worth and purpose and the deep knowing we are all connected to something so special and loving that we never need to feel alone.

There was such a beautiful tangle of souls and hearts in the room that evening, we were all so vulnerable and raw and honest with each other and all collectively held each other’s space. Lucia and Sabine created an amazing atmosphere and allowed us to all be what we needed to be with no judgment and with pure intention for healing and love.

Thank you to every person who was there; you’re all special to me 🙏🏼✨

Cacao for me is the ultimate loving, nurturing, soothing medicine and it will continue to be an important part of my life, I am hooked!

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