The releasing fear ceremony was awesome. Totally unexpected answers...

May 21, 2020

The releasing fear ceremony was awesome. Totally unexpected answers to my tiny and dense conscious mind. 

So many pieces falling into place today. 

As I was settling and setting my intention to let fear that no longer serves me go, I had flashes of stones thrown at me, burning and drowning and the fear that can up was “belonging”

I’ve been outside the “ norm” before and paid for it, so fitting in was important. 

Flashes to those lessons in my current life, school, police, William: all themes of fear for doing it a bit differently. 

I realised I have buried my energy that stepped outside “norm” and when I welcomed that twin part of me rather than fearing her being shunned again, I had and overwhelming sense of being full, complete.  


I feel incredibly strong, but gentle, kind but no more shit, able to speak my mind and care far less about how someone else is receiving it. 


Also have very strong views re right and wrong being replaced by greater perspective. Rarely does right and wrong bring more than “judgement”. It’s perspective that matters. 




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