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My best journey yet: and that’s saying something. I really felt everything...

.... and Sunday just stole the show:

What an incredible experience that journey was and you are so right about this being exactly what was needed now.

My best journey yet: and that’s saying something. I really felt everything. So much energy my skin was crackling. Each Chakra got my attention, lion at my root, eagle at my crown, my heart burst with love and hope for our community and my throat was blocked and released with ease when I sent compassion as a way of speaking through the pain. Solar plexus and sacral were such vivid vortexes. I’ve been journaling into the evening so as not to loose anything.

On top of all that, balance and energy, I entered an ancient tree to meet with the spirit of the cacao, sitting on an intricately carved cacao pod, and shimmering! So beautiful I could have cried but I was struck dum! My intention was to hold space for my family during this change with grace, and I felt the plant medicine would assist me in achieving this. Come from love, for Yves, George and William, and floods of faces after.

I also got to meet my future self..... as energy!!!! rainbow and golden energy, and as we joined back together my skin crackled even more. It was the most intensely physical experience without physicality!! My little brain had a really hard time coming back and putting it into words.

Thank you for the experience. I’m so very grateful.


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