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Cacao and you have changed my life!

Wow wow wow wow! This was my 6th cacao ceremony and I’ve never ever felt like this from one before! The amount of different things I saw throughout the meditation was madness usually I just feel things but this time was different! So many animals, colours, faces everything! When you spoke about each chakra I felt feelings in each place so intensely! At one point it was like my body was on fire and it was travelling up every organ as soon as it hit my heart I burst out crying and genuinely felt every emotion being drawn out of me! I needed that overwhelming release! The energy was just mad, I’m just speechless to be honest. When we got to the end of the mediation it was like I was on a different planet I’ve never ever felt so calm and peaceful before. I am just so blessed and content right now. Lucia you are an angel and I’m so glad I connected with you - cacao and you have changed my life!

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