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Extensive Shamanic Reiki & Cacao

I saw Lucia for the first time a month ago for a Reiki session. I believed it could help me but as a lot of people I wasn’t sure what to expect. This whole month has brought so many changes into my life. The first thing was during my reiki session. I connected deeply to feelings of my sister and traumas we both experienced as children. I cried about her with Lucia at the end of the session, then I checked my phone and my sister had rang. During my session she had fallen asleep and dreamt of me. I hadn’t spoken to her in months because I was too scared to hear about the pain she was going through with her own problems but we connected again finally.

From this other things started to happen. In the first week I had two more people contact me from my past who I had not spoken to in a long time, who brought with them unresolved issues in my life which I managed to face.

Lucia suggested burning ; I have been having nightmares for about 2 years and I found a way to take the energy out of them by drawing them or writing them down and burning them.

The messages from people in my life who have been trying to help me who I could not understand before have become clear. I have become more aware of people and actions in my life which are causing me pain, and have been able to say no and chose other options.

I have started believing in the universe, things that I would normally see as an inconvenience is actually an opportunity to change, or even was never supposed to be. I have been meaning to change my surname and my mobile number for some time. The same week I saw Lucia I changed my surname by d pole, and this week I lost my mobile which I believe has been a nice little push. 😊

Finally, I have learnt that I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to achieve and pushing myself in the wrong directions. I’ve been learning to stop. Calm down. And take a breath. 😊

The notes Lucia gave me at the end of the session are a very useful tool. For me, each thing connected very strongly to different aspects of my behavior, and in times of stress and worry or panic I would go back to the notes and see that usually it is being caused by one of the unresolved emotions I have had trapped inside of myself for a long time.

Thank you for your help Lucia 💫 I am looking forward to this months journey xx

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