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Our sessions together each week have changed my life...

I just want to thank you for our journey together on your transformational apprenticeship. I haven't felt so supported, understood, empowered and this good in myself in a very very long time. Our sessions together each week have changed my life. My physical and mental health has completely changed, I am off all medications for depression/anxiety and I have lost 2 stone in the 4 months we have worked together. I am happier with myself and life in general and can now see a future when all seemed extremely bleak before. My favourite things with you has to be Shamanic Reiki & Cacao and also the guided journeys with Cacao too. I don't want our 6 months to end...but I know I can now fly off on my own with all the courage and love for myself that you have helped me build. We are so lucky to have you in our community. Thank you Lucia, you are a beautiful person inside and out x

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