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The spoken meditations she did were unbelievable...

I've just finished a truly beautiful 4 week Cacao ceremony with Lucia and 6 other beautiful souls.

I've never done anything like this before and was quite nervous to have meditation in a group setting but I needn't have worried. Everyone on this journey was so lovely, so warm and caring.

Lucia is simply beautiful. She has such a gentle aura and way about her. The spoken meditations she did were unbelievable. Normally I find it hard to switch off but these were blissful, I felt so calm and rested afterwards.

I really didn't want the journey to end!! I'm going to miss our group and the wonderful souls I was blessed to meet.

We all agreed we'd love to do this again as a group.

Thank you Lucia for all you do. I'll definitely be seeing you again.

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