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Shamanic Reiki Level 1 - Blew my Mind...

Blew my mind..

When I first saw the shamanic reiki healing course advertised I knew it was calling me..... I had got lost on my path and was searching for something. I had a fantastic chat with Lucia and she agreed this was the right course for me. I had been involved with the 4 week cacao journey and a reiki session with Lucia... so I knew I had lots to look forward to with this weekend and I was not left disappointed ,my mind was well and truly blown. Lucia was so good at teaching healing the shamanic way. So much information and guidance passed on to all of us, a bond built between strangers all with the same passion. Meditation and hands on healing techniques. The weekend was over far too quick. I had amazing experiences whilst learning, that have made me stronger and knowing I am enough. After the weekend finished I have continued with my self healing journey in a diary and my experiences just keep on coming.. I continue to practice healing on family and friends . I am thankful for all Lucia has taught me and will continue to follow the shamanic path with her guidance and my willingness to learn. I can’t wait to get to my 2nd year apprenticeship. It’s not about the journey it’s about the destination. A-HO! x

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