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New & Full Moon Email Love x

Hey beautiful I just want to say thank you for the new moon post it's really spoken to me, I had reiki last night for the first time since leaving Guernsey in the summer and I needed it for clarity and boy did I get it, I was so emotional but I know I'm making the right decisions now! - Karen Battle

You are SUCH a good writer Lucia x Grounded and accessible. You COMMUNICATE not pontificate. Less ponts and more comms x - Alison

Lucia thank you so much for you inspirational emails. I really feel connected to what you write about, especially in regards to the new and full moon energies and it really helps me to align myself better to the energies around me and to myself. You are extremely gifted and thank you for taking your time to do these out of love. - Sophie

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You really just help to make so much sense of things in the most simplest ways! Nail on the head with your emails, so thank you Lucia x - Anna

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