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Shamanic Reiki & Cacao Journeying

On my visit back to Guernsey, I stumbled across Healing Hands somehow when searching for reiki. I usually go for healing in Manchester where I live and I knew that I could do with some more as I had been feeling a bit low recently. I did not think that I was going to find someone so talented in Guernsey, with these types of things being a bit taboo over there – Lucia is probably the most gifted person I have seen out of all psychics/reiki healers that I have seen before, some in Manchester and others long distance in America. Everything that she wrote down from the reiki healing was so accurate, I was in a deep trance so there was no way anything could be made from assumptions or reading body language. I felt so much clearer and lighter after I left. I felt very welcomed in her home – it is so beautiful, you can feel the positive energy as you enter. The reiki really did help the mental breakdown I had nearly started slipping into; I knew I needed to get back in touch with my spirituality. I don’t live in Guernsey, and no one in the UK I see comes close so I had to book in again with Lucia before flying home which she kindly fitted me in on days she had kept aside for the holidays, I chose the cacao journeying after learning about it, and wanted to do this to further throw myself into healing. It is an expensive treatment (but not overpriced), and it was completely worth it! So much effort is put into the sessions, I received a mini journal to write down anything that had popped into my head after the meditations, handmade from Bali (a place that I have visited so it was such a nice touch) Lucia truly provides an amazing experience! I highly recommend the cacao journeying. She provides cacao that you can purchase, I bought some that I have been using which is incredible compared to any others I can find, as it is so pure! I really do feel like without her I may not have been able to ground myself again so quickly, and I look forward to doing long distance healing with her.

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