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Deeply Illuminating Cacao Ceremony

I recently attended my 2nd cacao ceremony. I found it to be deeply illuminating towards understanding my path going into 2018. Lucia creates a sacred, healing space just for you. She conducts the ceremony with utmost professionalism, allowing each person to feel supported and safe, discovering their own needs and insights themselves, offering her wisdom and insights too if requested. Over 4 hrs, we are given the chance to deeply attune to ourselves in a beautiful group atmosphere. Lucia is down to earth, practical, no-nonsense and deeply intuitive. She is an amazing lady who has provided a unique way to access our inner wisdom through journeying with cacao. I am deeply grateful and appreciative of everything Lucia provides in her offerings to help us become wise, empowered and more fully connected to Mother Earth and more closely to our Guernsey community. Thank you 💜

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