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Cacao- One Powerful Mama

Last Saturday I was invited to Lucias Sacred Cacao Ceremony Guernsey.

She wanted to give me and some other close friends a treat to test herself, us and most of all the Cacao and how it could help us.

Coming from someone who is usually FAR to hyper to even sleep at night, in fact even to sit still is a test to me!! But this, this had me in the most blissful medatitative state and hours felt like minutes!!

Without publically going in to my own personal experiences; what I will say is I was so pleasantly surprised by this and I got the questions I asked answered! Plus I meditated!!!! I have tried so many times to do this but can never truly shut off - I did that evening.

I know some may say I am baised because Chi is one of my very closest but anyone that knows me also knows that I call a spade, a spade so I'd never speak, letalone publically post about anything I didn't truly believe in.

Honestly guys, if you're curious, give in to it. If it can make me relax then it is one powerful mama!!!

Lotsa love to y'all.

And Chini, thank-youuuuuuu so so much for the experience, Love you all the stars xox

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