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Meditating while 22 weeks pregnant, I felt blissful & at peace

I attended my first 'Journey Within' meditation class last week and loved every minute! I have never tried meditation before and admittedly was a bit sceptical and unsure of what to expect. Lucia's approach is such that you feel instantly at ease - she creates a vibe that's both welcoming and comfortable. I especially loved the fact that we were encouraged to meditate in whatever position we felt comfortable, which is a relief when you are 22 weeks pregnant! I am one of those people that lives life at 100 miles an hour and to be honest, am not too good at slowing down! This class not only gave me the opportunity to STOP, time actually stood still and It felt amazing to completely let go and relax. My body felt blissful and I was at peace. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially any beginners/sceptics out there! I definitely have been converted and looking forward to the next class!

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