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I was able to forgive & sleep more soundly than I have in months

I attended Lucia's meditation class last week and I must admit that I have tried to meditate previously without success. When I came to Lucia's class I was very excited as I am really keen to be able to meditate. Once we were in the class there was a wonderful vibe. The room was beautifully calm and tranquil and you immediately felt relaxed. It was lovely to hear all of the information linked to meditating from Lucia and this really helped you to understand everything. Lucia focussed on forgiveness this week and for me this is something I have struggled with. During the meditation I was so relaxed and it was such a wonderful experience. The way Lucia guided us through the meditation was fabulous. For me, I definitely feel that I am able to forgive having attended this class. I can honestly say that I really really enjoyed the class and will definitely be coming back next week. I also slept more soundly than I have in months… Meditating for the next 7 weeks is going to improve the way I feel and think and I am really looking forward to the experiences to follow.

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