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A Journey Within - 4 week journey with Cacao!

Thank you to everyone of you for sharing in the journey, it’s been a beautiful experience to me, as I’m sure it has for others. I know the journey continues & will never truly end, but I feel a lot lighter now. Lucia your lack of ego & your desire to empower others is inspiring. I guess like others will have done, I came to you already with the answers I needed. In this last meditation I really sent out love and compassion, even to those, & to things I was afraid of, (in some ways abstract things). I know there’s no magic cure, but I really feel like emotions I’ve struggled with most of my life are now a lot lighter. To let go & move away, I had to stop clinging to fear, anger and judgement. Thanks again, you are all beautiful people, it’s been a real privilege sharing the journey with you!

Peace and love.✌️❤️🙏

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