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I highly recommend anyone to attend such a retreat or ceremony...

The summer solstice retreat was a wonderful experience. Lucia guided us through a cacao ceremony, explaining in layman’s terms and with gentle humour the benefits of consuming the brew and what to expect. I found the influence of the cacao meant that the guided meditation was much deeper and more focussed than is usual for me. There was a real sense of support and openness within the group and I felt genuinely safe and respected in that space. Once our cacao journey was over Mel led us through a gentle yoga flow, then Georgie prepared a delicious and nourishing vegan feast where we all sat down together, reflected on the day and got to know each other more. I highly recommend anyone to attend such a retreat or ceremony. I came away feeling calm, clear and rejuvenated. And it was amazing to connect with such a lovely bunch of people in our shared journey of self care and personal development. Many thanks to all involved. Aho!

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