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Shamanic Reiki Level 1 Apprenticeship

I've always had an interest in shamanism, reiki, the power of plants and awakening my potential. Before I went on the Shamanic Reiki Level 1 course I had had some Reiki sessions to help heal thoughts and emotions from my past and present and for guidance going forwards. Having healed so much over this period, I was both fascinated by the power of Reiki and wanted to pursue it further. So when this course came up, I just knew it was what I needed to do to develop. I had my doubts in the days and weeks before, but that all vanished when the time came. I found Lucia to be very confident in her knowledge and ability to teach our group. What I enjoyed most was the variety the course had; the healing and activating meditation, the connection we made with the earth and her well known and much enjoyed cacao ceremony. Since that weekend I've continued the self healing and the recommended meditation and things have continued to to feel great! I would definitely recommend this course.

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