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Detox journeying with Lucia and the Cacao became a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleanse

I’ve done detoxes before but never in a group and never with Cacao. All that changed this January when my eyes were opened to the immense nurturing and transformative powers of Cacao and Lucia’s unique, loving, gently-guiding presence. Three things made this detox work for me: 1. I committed to 4 weeks up front in the diary and financially 2. Lucia 3. Cacao Beginning with the Cacao - I had tried it a couple of times before in Shamanic dose and I loved its gentle restorative quality and the fact that it allowed me to go on a journey without any ill-effects or rubbish feeling the next day. What I struggled with was the taste and the challenge to drink a full cup of bitterness (the lovely condiments Lucia provided, such as honey, maple syrup and cinnamon just didn’t help me). However, by week 4 I was astounded to find that I could drink it quite happily. I felt somehow that I’d overcome a hurdle and the plant was allowing me in. Suffice to say that I experienced a lot during the guided meditation that followed. Secondly..,, Lucia. Her name means light in Italian and it fits. She is truly in her power when she works with the cacao and hold the group in such a tender and truthful way. She created the space for us (a group of 10 women who initially didn’t know each other) to bond in a way that seemed impossible. We shared deeply from our hearts and I looked forward to seeing everyone each week. Lucia structured the sessions with a balance of sharing and quiet for each to have an individual experience as well. There was a format which became ritual and allowed time to create intentions. These intentions became a very important part of the afternoon. Our group has decided to meet again and I think it would be good if we reflected back on our intentions. Finally, it was very helpful to commit to a month long process. Change requires resolutions to become habits and needs at least 21 days to embed (or so I’ve read). Although some of us may have attended for the physical purpose of detoxing our bodies, (and this was achieved with the use of menu plans, food suggestions and supplements Lucia provided) what we got was a whole lot more! Detox journeying with Lucia and the Cacao became a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleanse in a safe, nurturing space.

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