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The strength and grounding I have found from the experience with Lucia and the rest of the ladies in

Well, this last month has been an awesomely incredible experience. When my wonderful best friend asked if I wanted to come and have a cacao journey during the month of January I was up for it (as I am for most things within reason!) but was totally unaware of the life changing experience this would become.

We arrived for the first session and the room was beautifully set up. We received our introductions, folders, boxes of supplements and everything was planned to perfection by the beautiful Lucia (whose only visible fault would appear to be OCD 😜).

One of the first things that we had to do was to hug each and every member of the group. Now initially to me this was a bit strange. Once you are on hugging terms with me there is no getting away from my bear hugs but it generally takes me a while to get that comfortable with people. However I found that actually hugging complete strangers (as they were at that time) felt natural, calming and very special. And from that moment the energy in the group began to flow.

This was the beginning of an amazing journey of unbelievable meditation experiences, self awareness, mindfulness, strange and wonderful coincidences and friendships. I felt and feel totally connected with each and every member of the group to the point that we actually couldn’t face not meeting up again after the fourth week and have another date in the diary already.

Lucia is the most beautiful person inside and out and emanates an inner peace and wisdom well beyond her years which is captivating. She’s been here before that is for sure. The strength and grounding I have found from the experience with Lucia and the rest of the ladies in the group has been phenomenal and I cannot wait to continue the journey of life with these wonderful people. I am pretty sure we will be in touch with each other for a very long time.


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