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Lucia empowers YOU, the participator, to seek YOUR answers, YOUR truth; and, if YOU choose, move tow

When a no-nonsense, level headed friend recommended I take part in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, I replied: “A what?” (Whilst thinking: “Are you making this up?” and waiting for the punch line). It is fair to say that whilst aware of the impressive nutritional value of Cacao, I had never heard of the concept of a “Sacred Cacao Ceremony.” It is also fair to say that when my friend mentioned the facilitator was a “Shaman” my throat tightened slightly. I weighed it up... Pros: I am a truth seeker. I like Cacao. My friend went and is still alive. Cons: It costs £65. (Apologies but, I know the value of the pound and I am no easy sell). I analysed the “cons” and concluded that £65 for a 4 hour guided meditation in a comfortable safe space - with a medicinal dose of the purest grade cacao that could potentially calm my constant mind chatter enough to allow me access to my subconscious - was actually very good value! “Yeah, all right then.” So I went. I took my friend, my friend’s sleeping bag, a cushion, a bottle of water and no preconceptions. Lucia was just... well, normal! (But “normal” in a very lovely and welcoming way 😇). The whole experience was extremely comfortable on EVERY level; so comfortable in fact that it felt, well, normal. How can I say that? How can something that is SO not “ordinary” to me feel comfortable to the extent that I would describe it as “normal”? Believe me, it just is! But when I say “normal” I mean “extraordinary” ... okay, bear with me now! The experience brought flashes of lucidity, “A-HA!” moments and actual forehead slapping “OF COURSE!” moments. It also brought mind stretching moments of utter “WHAT THE..?!” confusion... just like life. See? Normal. The extraordinary part is Lucia. Lucia genuinely rejoices with participators in the “A-ha” moments and gently helps each person to disentangle themselves from “WHAT THE?!” confusion towards, “OF COURSE!” There is no jiggery-pokery; no egocentric coercion, no judgement, no blame and no shame. Instead there is empathic listening, nurturing and empowerment with YOU. YOU hold the power, YOU make the decisions. This is intelligent and holistic medicine. If you have no idea what I mean, but are interested in seeking answers that everyday life is just not bringing - BY FINDING THEM YOURSELF WITH A GENTLE, FUN AND KNOWLEDGEABLE GUIDE, give it a try. I did and then I returned for more. We do not walk alone with our struggles. None of us - you included. Thank you Lucia. Thank you for being extraordinarily normal and magnificently human.✊❤️

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