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From that moment onwards my life has just changed...

I have been seeing Lucia for about a year now, and when I arrived my life was in despair. I was depressed, overweight, hated myself, my job, my life, just everything was spiralling out of control. All I was used to was being medicated and being sent on my way and I guess I thought this was the norm.

A friend recommended Lucia back in Feb 2017 and from that moment onwards my life has just changed. She taught me so much about how things should and could be done. About myself, my past, self love, forgiveness and my life style and outlook as a whole. From shamanic healing, eat right for your blood type plan, cacao ceremonies and just having someone who listened, gave me guidance, but even more so, empowered me to find the answers in myself. Something that no one has ever done my whole life.

Thank you so much Lucia for all that you do.

We are so lucky to have someone like you on our little island.

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