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A Truly Wonderful & Magical Cacao Ceremony

This weekend I had the privilege of being part of Lucia's/ Healing Hands Guernsey's first cacao ceremony with a group of friends. I had looked into the healing benefits of cacao and how in its raw, ceremonial form it has been used for centuries to unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions and connect to pure heart energy, so I was very excited to experience cacao for myself and see what I thought of this cacao craze.

Lucia held a relaxing, open and calming space for us, with a confidence that made us feel at ease and excited for the night ahead of us. You could really see and feel the passion/connection that she has for what she does and the love/care for the people she works with. The ceremony involved drinking the cacao, tarot card readings (could not be more spot on) and a guided meditation (it felt like 20 minutes, when it was actually an hour and a half – we were all blown away!!) where we all connected within ourselves gaining whatever we needed to from the experience and the Cacao Goddess. We also shared our thoughts, feelings and intentions with each other before and after drinking the cacao, in a safe, intimate and connected space. Although we are friends and spend time together it was surprising how much we all let go and opened up, realising that we are all just human beings with fears and sufferings, hopes and dreams. The whole process really brought us closer together, helping us to understand each other/ourselves better and appreciate one another and ourselves with such love, joy and gratitude, exactly as we are. We were left feeling in a state of realisation, bliss, euphoria, gratitude and intense love (towards ourselves and others) afterwards.

After trying Cacao I can say that it is a truly wonderful and magical ceremony that everyone should experience because I believe in love, joy and gratitude – in opening our hearts to our potential and following our hearts and inner guidance into the most alive and joyous expression of ourselves as possible – forming deeper connections with ourselves and others, transforming ourselves to live to our highest potential, and creating positive experiences for ourselves and therefore everyone around us. The more that we connect to self-love and become aware of who we truly are, the more we can make loving and conscious decisions for the greater good of all.

I cannot wait to embark further into the journey of cacao and continue to transform my life, reveal insights, self reflect/heal, restore the feeling of being alive/confident in myself and live true to who I really am – completely connected and fully empowered. Ultimately, I’ve experienced and realised that cacao helps you to deepen your connection to your heart and expand your capacity to give love and receive love, which I believe is so important in the world of today.

I feel truly blessed to be able to share my experience and hope that others feel inspired to find out the benefits of cacao for themselves – I could not recommend this enough. Chocolate plus ecstatic healing, love and transformation, as well as a lot of fun chucked in there – who would not be keen for some of that?

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