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The Illumination Process (Physical)

Join Me on a 3 month Transformational Journey to Change Your Life!

  • 2 hr
  • £3300 (PP Available)
  • Guernsey

Service Description

I am looking for beautiful human beings who really want to bring about change in their lives to become the most authentic version of themselves. Join me on this transformative and empowering 3 month Illumination Process to change your life. Whether this is a change in your physical or mental health, Spiritual growth and enhancement, in your relationships or even in the work that you do; then this is the journey for you! Patterns are generally deeply rooted so we need to dive deep into the subconscious to remove the karmic ties, ancestral chains, limiting thoughts & beliefs, conditionings, addictions & obsessions and emotional scars that just won’t seem to dissolve. What is The Illumination Process >> At the core of the shamanic energy medicine lies the Illumination process. Illumination achieves healing in three ways. First, it burns up the sludge and deposits adhering to the walls of a chakra, promoting longevity and strengthening the immune response. Second, it combusts the toxic energy around harmful physical and emotional imprints. Third, it scours clean the imprints in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF). When these imprints are erased, it is possible to change negative emotions and behaviours. The power of the immune system is unleashed, and physical healing is accelerated. Every imprint in the LEF is linked to a chakra through which it releases toxic data into the central nervous system. To better understand a client’s problem, I perform a chakra assessment to determine which is the compromised energy center. In the Inka shamanic traditions there are no “bad” energies. There are only energies that are “light,” and so support life, and energies that are “heavy,” which cannot be digested. The Illumination process transforms heavy energies into light, turning emotional wounds into sources of power and knowledge. So What Does The Illumination Process Consist Of >> - One2One Sessions with me every week for 3 months using a combination of Shamanic Energy Teachings, Cacao Therapy, Shamanic Journeying, Empowerment Card Readings, Nutritional Guidance, while looking at your life style as a whole. These sessions range from 60 - 120mins - Lucia's unlimited wisdom and guidance throughout this journey What is the investment >> £3,300 Payment Plans are available For more information on this journey email me at

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations please contact at least 24 hours prior to appointments or the full session charge will still incur. Thank you

Contact Details

  • St. Peter Port, Guernsey

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