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Shamanic Reiki Session (Physical)

  • 1 h
  • 100 UK pounds
  • Guernsey

Service Description

Shamanism is to Journey into the Spirit World and into the Unconscious of the individual and Collective Consciousness to retrieve information. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. In other words, Reiki is a stream of energy that connects all living beings. In this 75min session I place my hands on or above the 7 main Chakras (energetic wheels) of the body to restore discordant energy. We interact with energies outside of our own constantly, both positive and negative energies can throw off or bring balance to our Chakras. When negative energy cycles into our Chakra system though, our Light becomes distorted, and if one Chakra is out of balance, they all go out of balance. In this session I help you make choices that are in alignment with love, which raises your vibration, making you a vibrational match to all that you desire. Your vibration is unique to you. It is the internal hum that attracts and repels all experiences. Your vibration can rise or drop depending on your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. When your vibration drops, it is called Descension. When your vibration rises, it is called Ascension. My goal is to help clients go from a state or path of Descension to a path of Ascension. In this practice, I am the vessel for Spirit to work through, I am the facilitator. YOU are the one doing the healing and YOU are the one healing yourself. I am there to hold space for you and your experience in the room. There is so much more I can go into on the subject of Shamanic Reiki and the mysteries of the Universe. But, believe me, all of it will be covered during sessions while we do the work. You will leave sessions feeling inspired, maybe afraid, but always with a feeling that you are tapping into something so great and overwhelming but so familiar. You will be reminded of the Universe within you. And you will live without the kind of fear that holds you back from experiencing the journey and abundance you are meant to have. You will know that you are Love itself.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations please contact at least 24 hours prior to appointments or the full session charge will still incur. Thank you

Contact Details

  • St. Peter Port, Guernsey

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