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Colonia De Rosas - The Shamans Blessing


Colonia De Rosas 221ml is a rich floral fragrant cleansing water.


This is alcohol based cologne which is used in various traditions for annointing or offering blessings to people and spaces.


Spray around a room, it freshens the the space and adds light, rich scent of roses.

It is considered to clear away negativity while inspiring peace and love. 

Use to bring love and affection.


Rose Water is well known for its cleansing and purifying properties.

It has been used as a face or hand wash and in the bath to add the scent of roses.


Colonia de Rosa is the water most used to elevate the spirit, bring harmony and create an aura of attraction and understanding.


Widely used by jungle shaman for its effects!


Used during ceremony, rituals, healing processes for protection, opening sacred space, feeding sacred altars, healing baths, an every-day cologne, body deodorizer, for skin care preparations, before and after shaving or as a body splash. Applied directly or apply into an atomizer bottle and use as a spray as a natural household product to purify and re-fresh rooms and clothing from stagnant smells are just a few of its properties.


Great as a first aid resource for headaches, nervous tension, shock, head colds, tiredness, treating insect bites and for use after exercise as a rub down to cool the body, tone muscles and sooth the nerves.


The fresh fragrant uplifting and invigorating zingy citrus aroma awakens the senses leaving you refreshed and revived.

Colonia De Rosas - The Shamans Blessing

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