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The extraordinary clear quartz lamp brings a unique prettiness to the interior. This type of crystal is abundant in the entire universe. The clear quartz crystal contains the most diverse composition that we can use for various purposes. The history noted that the ancient times and recent societies still often use the clear crystal as the source of light. Besides, it is an essential quartz that is noted as the important element of mankind evolution.


The clear crystal contains silicon and oxygen. A wide array of minerals are designed as silicate with the clear quartz as the main element. With that fact, we can conclude that the crystal is the common mineral element found in granite, gneiss, and quartzite. Additionally, most sedimentary conglomerates also have the element of clear quartz.


Clear quartz is one of the precious minerals on earth and some of the quartz stones are admired as a charm and jewelry. Most of the clear quartz crystals on the market were mined in Brazil, USA, Arkansas, Madagascar, Montana, Peru, France, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Germany, and China. The clear quartz is one of the most useful quartz that is often designed with various needs. Clear quartz lamp is definitely the colorless crystal that looks gorgeous and beneficial as well.


Lead & Bulb included

Clear Quartz Lamp

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