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Sun, 05 May


Zoom & Private Facebook Group

A Journey of Self Discovery: How To Do The Work

A Journey of Self Discovery: How To Do The Work
A Journey of Self Discovery: How To Do The Work

Time & Location

05 May 2024, 19:00 – 05 Aug 2024, 22:00

Zoom & Private Facebook Group


About the event

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth?

Join us for our 'How to do the Work' workshop inspired by Dr. Nicole LePera's holistic psychology approach, Shamanic Practices, and Compassionate Inquiry.

Starting on Sunday 5th May, this 12-week online workshop offers you the opportunity to delve into the depths of your being and connect with your inner and outer worlds.

Our sessions will guide you through understanding and meeting different aspects of yourself, including your habit self, emotional self, and authentic self.

What to expect:

- Weekly group Zoom calls

- Private Facebook group for daily tasks, reminders, and support

- Recorded sessions for catch-up and future reference

- A community of like minded beings

- Lucia's support and wisdom for this entire 12 weeks

During the Workshop:

*Emotional Release*

Be prepared to experience a range of emotions as you delve deep into self-exploration. You may find yourself shedding tears of release, confronting fears, and embracing vulnerability in a safe and supportive environment.

*Laughter and Joy*

Alongside moments of introspection and reflection, expect to also find moments of lightness and joy. Laughter can be a powerful tool for healing and connecting with your authentic self.

*Purging and Letting Go*

As you uncover and address deep-seated patterns and beliefs, you may feel a sense of purging or release. Letting go of what no longer serves you is a vital part of the journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. After the Workshop:

*Deeper Self-Awareness*

Participants often report a profound sense of self-awareness post-workshop. By gaining insights into their habits, emotions, and authenticity, they are better equipped to navigate life with clarity and purpose.

*Emotional Integration*

The workshop experience can lead to a deeper integration of emotions and a greater acceptance of the full spectrum of feelings. Participants may find themselves more emotionally resilient and connected to their inner world.

*Transformation and Empowerment*

Beyond the workshop, expect to witness transformative shifts in your mindset and behaviours. Armed with newfound self-awareness and tools for growth, you will feel empowered to make positive changes in your life and relationships.

By embracing the journey of self-discovery with openness and courage, participants can expect to laugh, cry, purge, and emerge with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. This immersive experience is designed to facilitate personal growth, healing, and transformation at a profound level.

This workshop has been designed to be affordable and accessible to everyone worldwide.

Sign up now for the Early Bird price of £199 until April 23rd (standard price £299) and start your journey of self-discovery today!

Don't miss this chance to shift your life, learn who you are, and connect with your authentic self, as a well as a community.

You are not alone!

Let's meet ourselves together, and do the work.

L x


  • Early Bird

    Early Bird Price is available until 23rd April, then rising to £299pp

    +£4.98 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Standard Ticket

    Normal ticket price after 23rd April

    +£7.48 service fee
    Sale ended



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