Journey With Us


Friday 22nd May @ 8pm - 10pm


Join me on this nourishing Cacao Ceremony where we will work with the energies of the Gemini New Moon.  This ceremony is intended to help you open to the giving and receiving of more Unconditional Love and attune with your Higher Self. To fully open your Heart to the Light of your Self aided by Cacao, so that you may move into the coming lunar month more anchored in your Heart Light, letting go of all energies that no longer serve you. Taking time to fully nourish and nurture yourself and supported by the energies of the New Moon, Cacao Spirit and Mother Earth.

Join me on this magical Online Cacao Ceremony where you will be guided back to your heart.

What do I need to do?✨
Email me at to sign up and I will send you a link to join us via Zoom.

Please be mindful that arriving late or leaving early can disrupt the opening and closing of sacred space.

How much is it?
Donation Only 

£10-20 recommended depending on ones personal circumstances. If this is something you truly cannot afford right now then please communicate with an open heart.

Payment is not essential!

What do I need to have ready?
A cup of Cacao, either Shamanic dose or dose of your choice. 

But this is not compulsory, you are more than welcome to join us Cacao free!
Please have a comfortable space if possible, water, journal and pen.

How do I brew up the Cacao?
250-300ml Water brought to boil on hob
Add 42g of Cacao once boiling and then lower and stir mindfully 

(more if you have a high tolerance, less if you do not or are pregnant or on SSRI's)
Optional 1 drop of Rose Essential Oil
Stir well with good intentions & love until smooth
Add to mug/cup & optional dash of maple syrup, brown sugar, honey, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg etc (no toxic ingredients ie white sugars etc)

I look forward to sharing this space with each of you!
In love always,
L 💚

Sunday 24th May @ 10am - 12pm


I am inviting 10 people who are needing some guidance during this time to each join me for an empowerment reading.


We will pick 4 cards to give you an overview of your situation and the guidance you need to move forward with more clarity, understanding and confidence.


A Tarot Reading is a great starting point to find clarity, see if your intentions and goals are in alignment, or understand an issue, challenge or relationship.


I have used the Osho Zen Tarot pack for the last 5 years because it provides incredibly accurate and clear guidance, drawing out what is hidden in your subconscious in a way that is both inspiring and empowering.


After your reading you will receive a photograph of your cards to reflect on for your upcoming week/month.

To book your slot email

Online Cacao Club restarting on Weds 6th May from 10.30am - 11.30am 


Online Cacao Club every Weds from

10.30am - 11.30am via Zoom!​


A check in for those who are feeling the waves of this turbulent time.


These drop in sessions will be held weekly every Wednesday between

10.30am - 11.30am


The next drop in will be this coming Wednesday 27th May 2020.

Please drop in, share and connect with us!


07781 155 898

La Maison Clemente St Jacques Guernsey Guernsey GY11SP