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First cacao ceremony for me today in a truly amazing circle...

November 26, 2018

First cacao ceremony for me today in a truly amazing circle. 
Lucia is a natural facilitator who helps the entire group feel welcome, safe and free to open up.

For me personally, it was a real pleasure to see other guys there as well, and to listen to their experiences. 

For everyone it’s personal and unique. 

One thing I will say is that it really is an act of self love. Something we all neglect now days more and more. 

I’ve come away feeling a deep connection to 21 (mostly) strangers and a whole new perspective. 

I will be recommending Lucia’s Cacao ceremonies to my clients at Longcamps clinic as well as the Men at Man Club, and of course; all my friends, family, and well... just about anyone ! 

Thank you so much again 
Huge gratitude man hugs ! Xoxoxoxoxoxox




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