Cacao Ceremony - Truly Amazing Afternoon

October 31, 2017

Dear Lucia,

Thank you (and the Cacao) for a truly amazing afternoon on Sunday. It was incredibly beneficial and I’m aware I am still processing it all.

I had the most delicious night’s sleep on Sunday. I know I had dreams however I couldn’t recall them. I felt much lighter all of yesterday and the day flowed with incredible ease and joy. The main theme was deep connection and love.

Today feels a bit different - more reflective perhaps and calm. I feel a slight frustration with my own ongoing process as though I’m somehow stuck in awareness of my blockages but there’s a deep resistance to the change I need to make. It’s all within me and I’m working on it. This is nothing new for me.

I thought your facilitation and communication was full of integrity and compassion. Sometimes that can be a difficult balance to achieve and I really feel you did it extremely well. The entire process, from the written explanations and registration right through to this feedback option shows a powerful example of how to conduct oneself in an entirely professional manner, even when presenting material that can seem slightly out of the ‘ordinary’. I have huge respect for your work.

Thank you very much again.


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